about us

Maroon Sausage was created in a collision of cultures that can only happen in a place like New York City, where people from around the country, and the world, come to share in each others' cultural experiences. That being said, the jerk chicken spice blend used in our sausages came about in a very natural way—in the kitchen of a couple in Brooklyn. One of whom is originally from the Chicago area, where people eat lots of sausage, the other with roots in Jamaica, where people often use jerk. And there you have it—jerk chicken sausage. 

Maroon Sausage Company is a wholesale sausage manufacturer that has taken the art of blending spices from the Caribbean and Asia with the craftsmanship of an Italian butcher. Our goal is to assist you in creating a simple yet positively memorable culinary experience that is worthy of your customers telling a friend about.